Thursday, 6 January 2011

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing
An “A” to “Z”

R.W. Stewart
M.W. Hoffman

An A-Z of Digital Signal Processing
This text aims to present relevant, accurate and readable definitions of common and not so
common terms, algorithms, techniques and information related to DSP technology and
applications. It is hoped that the information presented will complement the formal teachings of the
many excellent DSP textbooks available and bridge the gaps that often exist between advanced
DSP texts and introductory DSP.
While some of the entries are particularly detailed, most often in cases where the concept,
application or term is particularly important in DSP, you will find that other terms are short, and
perhaps even dismissive when it is considered that the term is not directly relevant to DSP or would
not benefit from an extensive description.
There are 4 key sections to the text:
DSP terms A-Z page 1
Common Numbers associated with DSP page 427
Acronyms page 435
Any comment on this text is welcome, and the authors can be emailed at, or
Bob Stewart, Mike Hoffman
Published by BlueBox Multimedia.

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References page 443

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