Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Mechanics

    Quantum Mechanics

    Publisher: Book Enclave | pages: 261 | 2009 | ISBN: 9788181522344 | PDF | 12 mb

    Quantum Mechanics is a theory of Mechanics, a branch of Physics that deals with the Motion of bodies and associated physical quantities such as Energy and Momentum. Quantum Mechanics has had enormous success in explaining many of the features of our world. The individual behaviour of the Microscopic Particles that make up all forms of matter can often only be satisfactorily described using Quantum Mechanics. Quantum mechanics is important for understanding how individual atoms combine to form chemicals. 

    It provides quantitative insight into chemical bonding processes by explicitly showing which molecules are energetically favourable to which others, and by approximately how much. This book is intended to provide a comprehensive coverage of the major aspects of quantum mechanics. The most likely audience for the book consists of students and teachers of modern physics, mechanics and engineering.
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